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NEW! Shea Butter
NEW! Shea Butter NEW! Shea Butter NEW! Shea Butter NEW! Shea Butter
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Shea It Isn't So! Have Shea, Will Travel! Shea What?!

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Shea butter, unrefined and organic, is an incredible panacea for various skin conditions, hair care, body care, and even as salve. 

SHEA BUTTER can improve wrinkles, eczema, blemishes, and dermatitis. Shea Butter also has the properties to treat skin allergies, frostbite, sunburns, and insect bites. It's also good for dry skin, skin rash, peeling skin, itching skin, small skin wounds, skin cracks, tough skin, rough skin, stretch marks, maintaining healthy skin, muscle fatigue, muscle aches, muscle tension, skin damage from heat.

Shea butter can help even skin tone, reduce scars, promotes hair growth, deep conditions hair, stimulates collagen production, can ease psoriasis, alleviate dandruff, decrease frizz, add volume to fine hair, softens brittle hair, shields against UV Rays, lock moisture into all types of hair, replenish skin, can fade dark marks and scars, good for acne prone skin, good sealant for hair, doesn't clog pores, helps encourage healing and stop infections, conditions scalp, and helps define curls. Shea Butter can reduce inflammation. Shea butter can be used in lotions, lip balms, healing salves, body butters, under eye wrinkle remover, eye bag reducer, massage butter, a base for homemade deodorant, in homemade liquid creme foundation and makeup, primer for eyes and lips and face, extends life of the makeup, cuticle cream, baby products (alone and as an ingredient), and as an SPF 6 skin lotion. It can also be used for nasal congestion, raw and sore noses during a cold/ flu, substitute for groundnut oil or other cooking fat (by itself only), and helps to encourage healing and stop infections. Shea Butter also contains Vitamins A, E, and F.

OLIVE OIL has many benefits, including: antioxidant protection (prevents radical damage to the skin), doesn't clog pores, moisturizer, enhances exfoliation, used for nail and cuticle care, used for shaving cream and as an excellent aftershave, can smoothe away split ends, soothes irritation on skin, fights aging, used as a shine serum and as a mask for the skin, can be used for eczema treatment, and used as a treatment for diaper rash.

VITAMIN E OIL can help reduce dandruff, block free radicals from the body, helps fight aging and reduce wrinkles, can brighten skin and lighten dark spots on skin, helps heal and preserve skin, softens dry lips, reduces stretch marks, moisturizes skin, and many more things.

PEPPERMINT OIL is good for many things, including: alertness, allergies, antibacterial, antioxidant, concentration, energizing, cooling, memory, jet lag, itching, migraine, motion and morning sickness, and it's stimulating.

ORANGE OIL is good for many things, including: anxiety, calming, indigestion, oily skin, and it's uplifting.

LAVENDER OIL is good for many things, including: acne, alertness, allergies, blisters, anxiety, hair loss, dry skin, cooling, sensitive skin, tension, sunburn, wrinkles, stretch marks, inflammation, insect repellent, pain, and helps sleep.

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Ingredients: Organic shea butter from Ghana, organic olive oil, vitamin e oil, organic Bulgarian lavender oil, organic Mexican orange oil, and organic Indian peppermint oil.

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