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If you love the outdoors, some of these products may even work well for all your camping food or backpacking food needs. Wheat Gluten is a wonderful example of foods that many people love as health food. Wheat Gluten also has a great shelf life and can be put away as long term food storage for survival or emergency preparedness. Many Preppers consider grains and cereals a vital part of their prepper supplies and survival foods. These are all around great products that we know you will love.

Wheat Gluten can be used to greatly improve bakery products. It is the gluten in wheat flour that is responsible for the unique features of bread, which are not possible with other cereal flours. It is a concentrated protein that possesses a special visco-elastic property. As a functional protein, vital wheat gluten provides additional qualities to the dough when used in baked goods. Wheat flour contains some natural gluten but often not to the extent desired. Many baked goods, including any recipe calling for flour, including breads, muffins, croissants and more benefit from the addition of wheat gluten. The effect on the bread is remarkable.   

  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • No GMOs and is not irradiated.
  • Product is Kosher.
  • Great for long term storage.
  • Packaged by hand for optimum quality, care, and freshness.

The Shelf Life of a specific product can vary greatly from other products; based on fat, oil, or other various degradable contents. The Shelf life of all products are based on industry standards. As Mother Earth Products has no control over the most critical factor of shelf life, how you store it, we cannot make any specific warranty to the life of any product. For more information concerning this subject view our information page here.

Products should be stored in a cool dark place. The optimum condition would be 65 degrees or less.

Our packaging plant handles wheat, soy, and other potential allergens.

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Mother Earth Products' Wheat Gluten

INGREDIENTS: Vital Wheat Gluten. Contains allergen: Contains Wheat.


Directions for Mother Earth Products' Wheat Gluten:

Depending on the quality of the flour, the recommended usage is between 3% and 5% of the total weight of the required amount of flour.

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