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Mother Earth Products Affiliate Program

What is an Online Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are a fun and exciting way for you to make Free money from the traffic you already have visiting your site. We provide you with a tracking link to place on your site, in the form of a Ad style “button.” You then place this button in strategic locations throughout your site. When your visitors click on any of your tracking links and come to our site and make a purchase, we will be able to track it back to you and give you credit for the sale.

Our affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to earn very generous commissions for the many sales made on every day. With the best quality, taste, cost, and efficiency in Healthy Foods and Emergency food storage, our products are proven to satisfy every audience, constantly attracting new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

How does the Affiliate Program work?
You place links to's home page or specific product page on your Web site. Our system will generate codes and links to the products you specify.  You will see this once you log into your affiliate account area.  When someone follows those links and makes a purchase, we track that purchase and pay you 12% of the purchase price. Every month, you will receive a check if your total earnings amount is $25 or more.

Tracking and Payment

How are orders tracked and credited to my site?
All links from your site to contain your site's unique Source ID so that every time a user comes to us via your site, we know to credit you when a purchase is completed. Make sure that all links on your site are created using our instructions and correct code. Those will be provided you through the process.

How much will I be paid?
Commissions are 12% on every purchase made by someone referred from your website(s).

When will I be paid?
You will be paid monthly, if your total account balance for that month is more than $25. If your balance is less than $25 the total amount will be carried to the next month. Once it exceeds $25, a check will automatically be sent to you on the 20th of the month for your total earnings.

How long will I receive commissions for referred sales?
Mother Earth Products has a very generous cookie duration of 90 days. This means that if you send a visitor to us who purchases, based on your referral, say two months later, then you will still get 12% commission on that sale.

How will I monitor my sales from day to day?

At any time you can log into your account on our website. This will show you all the sales that have been attributed to you, that funds that you are due and the funds you have been paid in the past.

Is my site eligible to become a Mother Earth Products Affiliate?
We want to work with all sites, from large commercial sites to individual Web pages, and everything in between. We believe in wonderful win-win relationships with everyone. Anyone may submit an application, but we reserve the right to refuse a site if it violates our policies. Mother Earth Products may use its discretion to terminate any affiliate relationship it deems undesirable.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing! It's absolutely free to join the Mother Earth Products Affiliate Program. This is a no-risk opportunity. You are free to cancel at any time.

What is my responsibility as your Affiliate?
You set up as many links as you'd like to, in the way that works best for your site - it's up to you how many or how few links you include. Be creative and clear. Try to let your visitors see the quality and value they'll receive from purchasing at from us. You are responsible for placing the links on your site.

What is Mother Earth Products’ responsibility?
We will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize your earnings, including links and instructions on how to place them on your site…. And of course, we handle fulfillment of products ordered, billing customers, paying your commissions, and managing customer service.

So how do I get started?

Click on Login/Register under the Affiliates section located in the website footer (bottom) area.  

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