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Dried Vegetables


Our goal is to show as many people as possible the benefits of Dried Vegetables, including:


  • Much Greater value than freeze dried 
  • Great flavor, color and nutrition                                
  • Quick preparation time
  • Kosher, no additives or preservatives                                   
  • Non-GMO Products
  • Ideal for camping trips                                                               
  • Perfect for long-term storage

Choose from any of our delicious dehydrate & dried vegetables below, or
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Dried Vegetables
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Category Overview

Cooking Tips

Why dehydrate foods?

Drying (dehydrating) food is one of the oldest and easiest methods of food preservation. Dehydration is the process of removing water or moisture from a food product. Removing moisture from foods makes them smaller and lighter. This process is one of the best ways to “trap in” the nutritional content of these foods. Dehydrated foods are ideal for backpacking, hiking, and camping because they weigh much less than their non-dried counterparts and do not require refrigeration. Drying food is also a way of preserving seasonal foods for later use………even years later!!

How dehydration preserves foods?

Foods can be spoiled by food microorganisms or through enzymatic reactions within the food. Bacteria, yeast, and molds must have a sufficient amount of moisture around them to grow and cause spoilage. Reducing the moisture content of food prevents the growth of these spoilage-causing microorganisms and slows down enzymatic reactions that take place within food. The combination of these events helps to prevent spoilage in dried food.

Remember, dehydrated vegetables are not meant to look, feel, or taste exactly like fresh produce. Though many individuals enjoy snacking directly on the dried products, they are best used in your cooking with various other ingredients so that all of the flavors blend and enhance each other.



If you cannot eat fresh or you wish to save time and money, our fresh dried vegetables and dehydrated vegetables are just what you are looking for. Dehydrating is a great way to preserve vegetables and the value of them so you can enjoy them for years to come.

All these vegetables prepare in minutes to eat as single side dishes or just use them in all your favorite recipes in place of fresh additives. It makes all your cooking and storage needs simple and easy. Always have just what you need on hand for all your favorite meals.

Follow this link to learn more about the Dehydrating and Hydrating Process.

If you are looking for one of our products that is already packed for Long Term Storage, it is the one gallon size in each of our products. These are heavy Mil Mylar and are already sealed with the Oxygen absorber packs in them….or SAVE TONS OF $$$$ and buy in BULK and package yourself. For more information on each of our packaging options, click here.


 General Guidelines for Rehydrating Dehydrated Products

•    1/2 cup of Dried Product will usually rehydrate to one full cup.
•    Add 1 part product to 2 parts water when mixing in with a recipe (If you wish to cook these solely as a side dish, you might want to change the amount water for each 1 part of dry product).
•    Simmer 10-30 minutes based on the product and your taste.
•    Check liquids for the final consistency you wish.