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2 FREE SAMPLES (Follow the Instructions Below)

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2 FREE SAMPLES (Follow the Instructions Below) 2 FREE SAMPLES (Follow the Instructions Below) FREE SAMPLES (You Must Follow the Instructions in the Description Tab below)
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By choosing this option you can get one FREE sample of any two "INDIVIDUAL" product items that we offer FREE samples of. Those "individual" item choices can be found in the drop down menu above. Please click on the first item you wish, then go back and click on the next item you wish to have. You may choose 2 of the same, or different ones each time. Please look through the entire list, as you are allowed choices from 2 ifferent groups; dehydrated, freeze dried and TVP.

If you change your mind on your choices, after you have already selected them, you will need to remove the free option from your shopping cart, and then repeat the process. 

You will receive 2 Mylar pouches that each contains 1/2 cup of the product you choose. These are the same 1/2 cup size samples that we "SELL" in our 3 different variety sample packs. These 3 variety sample packs are one of our best sellers; as individuals love to try these small samples so they know which ones they would really like to order more of !!


You can click on each of these three links to view each of these sample kits; Dehydrated Veggies (17 products), Freeze Dried Fruits and Veggies (16 products) , Textured Vegetable Protein (9 meat substitutes)


We are happy to provide the samples FREE, but we cannot also pay for the considerable shipping costs for all these that are requested each day. As such, there is a nominal $3 shipping fee applied to cover a portion of our shipping and handling. 


-"Mother Earth Products, Thanks for offering free samples so we can try your products without a large initial expenditure!"


Each product will prepare a little differently, but these are the general guidelines for dehydrated vegetables. We recommend that you take some time and find the ratios that work best for you.


  • You may add dry vegetables to soups, stews, roasts and various other dishes. Add additional water following the guidelines below or suited to your tastes
  • If you wish to cook these solely as a side dish, you should add 3 parts water for each 1 part of dry vegetables.
  • Simmer 10-20 minutes based on the product and your taste
  • Check liquids for the final consistency you wish

1/2 cup of Dried Product will usually rehydrate to one full cup

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